Unique Burial Options You May Not Know Exist

When it comes to funeral and burial planning, most people think of traditional options like being buried in a cemetery or cremated. These are very common options and perfect if they are in alignment with your idea of how you want your remains handled. Did you know there are some unique burial options out there too? 

Now, more than ever, there are some pretty amazing alternatives to traditional burial or cremation. As the population grows and people expand their understanding of issues like the carbon footprint or being “green,” more options are coming up for managing burial than ever. Here’s just a few: 

Donating your body to science: Donating your body to science isn’t new but the practice is on the rise. Donating your body to science means there are no costs for you or your family. It generally includes cremation once the usages for medical science are complete. In some cases, donated bodies have been used for more permanent situations such as the Body World donor program where bodies are on display in museums and traveling exhibits. 

Donating your body to a body farm: Like donating your body to science, donating your body to a forensic anthropology center helps forensic scientists learn more about bodies in ways that help solve crimes. This can be very useful helping teach students in the criminal justice fields of science. 

Donating your body for cadaver training: One of the methods used to locate and recover bodies after a natural disaster or act of terrorism is cadaver dogs. These are highly trained dogs that can smell and locate human remains. You can donate your body to teach and train dogs and their handlers to help others in the event of a disaster. 

Human composting: A company in the Pacific Northwest is trying to pass legislation that will allow for human composting. This is the act of combining remains with straw, water, and oxygen to rapidly decompose a body which can be used for compost or other natural uses. This cuts down on costs associated with traditional cremation or burial and saves space, wood, and energy. 

There are many alternatives to traditional burial out there. Likely there is a method that combines with an interest you have whether it is green burial, helping with the sciences, or being of service to your local community training programs. Find an alternative that represents your passions and consider it as an option.