Who Holds Your Future?

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to the known God!

Having a chronic illness is a scary thing for sure. Many people don’t get a firm diagnosis or if they do, the doctors find it impossible to predict how that illness may change in the coming weeks, months, or years. As a caretaker you are not only taking on what is going on in your household, but caring for someone else’s day to day health.

It’s easy to sit up late at night, worrying about your health or your patient’s health. Will you be able to pick up your toddler next month? Will you still be able to drive to the grocery store next week? Will you be able to attend that family reunion next year?

There’s a quote from Corrie Ten Boom that comforts me in these moments. She says, “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to the known God.”

This was a woman who faced unimaginable loss and still came out on the other side with a beautiful redemption story. She didn’t let the unknown keep her from seeking (or trusting) God!