When No One Has Your Back, God Always Does

“This I know: God is on my side!

My friend with a chronic illness was living in a foreign country. When she visited the doctor, she couldn’t speak the language. She brought along a relative that could speak it and assumed everything would be OK.

Sadly, my friend’s relative didn’t believe she was ill. She used the opportunity to convince doctors that my friend didn’t need medication or care. She purposely caused my friend much suffering through her lies.

It’s hard when those we love don’t believe we’re sick or don’t think we’re in that much pain. It’s bad enough to be sick but when it feels like those you love don’t care? It’s heartbreaking.

That’s why I love Psalm 56:9. David says, “This I know: God is on my side!” (NLT)

Even when it feels like no one is looking out for you, God has your back! He’s looking out for you and causing EVERYTHING to work together for your good. That’s a promise you can rest in today.

Can I pray for you today: Father God, we humbly come today and want to say thank You. Thank You for being here in the midst of everything good, bad, and indifferent. No matter how it may seem, I know that You are always by our side. Thank you for reassuring us that your love, protection, and comfort. In Your Holy Name, Amen.

God Loves You and Sees You

Being a Caretaker can make you feel unseen. People forget to invite you out to parties. Friends may not call to check up on you. You are so busy taking care of everyone else, know one is taking care of you. And in the middle of it all, you feel so lonely.

But God sees you. That’s why Hagar called God “El Roi” or “the God who sees me”. The same God who saw a scared, runaway slave and loved her deeply sees you, the scared Caregiver who feels all they do is give, but never receives; He loves you deeply.

Can I say a prayer for you today, friend? God, I know my friend feels unseen and ignored by the rest of the world. Caretaking can be so isolating. But You see my friend. You love them deeply and You care about their pain. Remind them that You are close to them today. In Jesus’ name, Amen