Veteran’s Day Resources and Events

By Roz Jones

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day, so now is the time to recognize the number of caregivers who are veterans themselves, or who are caring for a veteran, and all the resources available to them.

Here is a small sample of the events going on this week in honor of Veteran’s Day, specifically designed around caregiving.

#VetResources Check-In: Secretary Denis McDonough – Veterans Day Q&A

The VA is hosting a Q & A with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs on issues that are important to veterans, their families, caregivers, loved ones, and survivors.

Yoga 4 Caregivers

This group is putting on special programs for caregivers who are veterans or taking care of a veteran.

Red Cross – Stress Solutions

The Red Cross is hosting a Stress Solutions Workshop, which can be useful for both veterans and their caregivers.

Red Cross – Trauma Talk

Join in this discussion of stress and trauma together in a supportive interactive setting.

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Medicare Open Enrollment starts October 15th!

Navigating the Medicare Open Enrollment process can be confusing and difficult your first time, and I want to help out! For caregivers and their loved ones who are in need of advice and help planning their Medicare enrollment, I’m offering a discounted counseling session for just $97! Go to to sign up!

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