More Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

By Roz Jones

Mental health is one of the greatest gifts one can get for themselves. Your mind controls just about everything that happens in your life from your beliefs about yourself to how you handle what happens around you. The worst enemy you can ever have is not the person who hates you with passion. It is a weak mind. Opportunities can come your way and enemies can do all in their power to disrupt your life but how all that turns out depends on your mental strength. In other terms, your mind has the final say in almost everything your brain processes. However, this does not mean that you do not experience emotions. Rather, you are aware of how certain things affect you and devise ways to survive them, block them, or even use them to your own advantage.

Below are some more things mentally strong people don’t do. Check out part 1 here!

They don’t compete – their sense of purpose helps them understand that their journey is unique and is not changed by other people’s wins. After all, everything works out fine for everyone at the right time. Therefore, they are happy to celebrate other people’s wins, help where necessary, and keep moving forward. We are not racing against each other. The universe expects each individual to do what they have to do when they are needed to do it to make everything complete.

They don’t hold on to the past – they only take lessons and good memories from the past and let what does not add value to their lives go. They do not hold grudges or hold on to what could have been. Consequently, they heal easier. They understand that the past cannot be changed and, if they hold on to some events, they are most likely to pull them back and create unfavorable events in the present as well. In the end, you remain with a chain of bad events hanging on your back. Burdens!

They don’t seek validation – mentally strong people understand their value and that not everyone will understand their journey or actions. Therefore, they do not seek validation from others. They know where they are going and what it takes. Perhaps it will only make sense to some people as time goes by.

Check back next week for part 3!

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