7 Ideas for Including Your Significant Other in Your Morning Routine

By Roz Jones

Does a morning routine have to be a lonely endeavor? 

Absolutely not! You can still carry out your morning routine if you have a partner living with you (or even just visiting). Better yet, you can make them a part of each step of your morning, giving you added time together and building your relationship. 

How? Try these simple ideas:

Start Slow

There’s nothing like the two-alarm method for starting your day. Use the first alarm to wake up enough to cuddle time with your partner. This is the perfect time for a slow start for both of you. When your second alarm goes off, you know it’s time to get out of bed. 

Pair Up for a Workout

Exercise together makes your significant other your accountability partner, while you get to do the same for them. Look for activities you can do together like jogging or playing tennis for added fun together.

Shower Together

Well, you wanted to bathe anyway. Showering together might not conserve as much water as you’d think, but it’s certainly a fun way to get clean in the morning!

Make Breakfast Together

Cooking together can be fun and rewarding. Or take turns, with one person cooking while the other sets the table. Then sit down and eat together for an added time to talk and reconnect.


Looking for a relaxing way to get the blood pumping? Why not put on your song and dance around the living room? This is a fun way to supercharge your morning and put a spring in your step.

Exchange Compliments

Sometimes we get pretty good at beating ourselves down with negative self-talk. We need to really learn when someone else says something nice about us. Every morning, tell the other person something you love about them or something you’re grateful for. These are words they can take to heart, building up their self-image. Now turn it around and take the words they say to you in this space to heart. Make their truth your own.


Before one or both of you head out the door, say goodbye properly. A special embrace or kiss will make sure you both start your day with a smile. 

While not every piece of your morning routine will wind up including the other person, you’ll feel more deeply connected as you go into your day by making some intentional connection points in your morning. What a beautiful way to build your relationship!

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