5 Things to Keep in Mind When Teaching Your Child about Morning Routines

By Roz Jones

Who needs a morning routine? Everyone. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. Having a list of instructions to begin your day can help anyone have a great day. Children especially thrive on routine, which makes it important to teach them these basics to a morning routine as soon as they’re old enough to start doing these things.

If you’re helping your child set up their own morning routine, you will want to remember these important aspects.

Re-affirm Connections 

A child needs to feel secure in their place in their family. By starting the day with a cuddle or hug, they know they’re loved and accepted by those around them. If your kids are feeling too old for this kind of affection, find other ways to connect during their morning routine, such as having them help prepare breakfast or inviting them to exercise with you.

Have a Launch Zone

Generally, every house has someplace where items are set down when people come in. If you already have a drop zone where backpacks tend to be set down, why not make this a launch zone for the morning routine? The night before, use this space to set out things your child will need for the day, so they won’t forget it come morning. 

Include Things Which Honor Health

Your child needs to learn how important it is to take care of themselves. This means doing more than just feeding them breakfast in the morning or encouraging exercise. Your child needs to also understand why some foods are better than others or how much exercise will help them feel their best as you add these things into their routines. This gives them ownership in their health and empowers them to make the right choices to feel their best.

Pay Attention to Self-Image

Growing up can leave children scrambling to figure out where they fit in among their peers. This can sometimes bring up feelings of insecurity or of not ‘measuring up.’ By encouraging children to include affirmations in their day, you teach them to notice the best things about themselves, which helps them build confidence.

Include Dreams

A morning routine shouldn’t be only about doing what’s necessary. Teach your child to enjoy mornings by including things they already love to do. Or help them to set goals, using the morning routine to work toward these desires in small stages until they achieve the desired result. 

Together, these different pieces will help you form the framework for a routine that will help your child thrive. Remember, though, as a child grows and changes, you will need to reassess whether or not their routine still serves the purpose it needs to. An adjustment might be necessary to keep their morning routine meaningful to them.

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