Getting Started with Decluttering: Tips for Caregivers

By Roz Jones

As a caregiver, decluttering may seem like an overwhelming task. However, the benefits of a decluttered space can greatly improve your mental health and overall well-being. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Start small: Begin by decluttering one small area at a time. This can be a drawer, a closet, or a shelf. This will help you feel less overwhelmed and will give you a sense of accomplishment as you complete each area.
  1. Create a plan: Make a plan of action for what you want to accomplish and how you will tackle each area. Write down your plan and set achievable goals for each day.
  1. Sort items: Sort items into piles of what you want to keep, donate, sell, or throw away. Be honest with yourself about what you truly need and what you can let go of.
  1. Use the “One In, One Out” rule: For every new item that enters your home, try to get rid of one item. This will help you maintain a clutter-free space and prevent future accumulation of items.
  1. Get help: Enlist the help of family members, friends, or a professional organizer to help you with the decluttering process. Having someone to hold you accountable and provide support can make the process much easier.

Remember, decluttering is not just about creating a clean space. It can greatly improve your mental health and overall well-being as a caregiver. So, take some time to declutter and enjoy the benefits of a clutter-free home!

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