Be Tough, Guard The Fruits Of Your Hard Labor

By Roz Jones

How many times have you thought “Where did all my money go” after working hard on that project and making great profits? Probably countless times. A lot of people work extra hard, make sacrifices, and put in extra hours at work, only to fail to use their money wisely. They fail to manage their finances well and end up right where they began.

Recognize that managing your finances wisely is as important as waking up earlier than everyone else, putting in extra hours, and working hard to reach your money goals and guard the fruits of your hard work. 

Guarding and protecting your earnings ensures you continue reaching your aims and moving forward. So, don’t neglect it.

5 Steps to Take to Ensure Your Hard-Earned Money Does Not Go to Waste.

  1. Plan ahead. 

   The most effective way of guarding your money and ensuring your hard work does not go to waste is planning. So, what do you intend to do with your earnings? How are you planning to save, spend, or invest? Having a plan in place while working toward your goals will make it easier for you to spend your money right. This is because when you know you are going to do ABC with what you make and save such and such an amount, your profits won’t go to waste. Therefore, come up with a plan, implement it, and stick to it when the money comes. 

  1. Plan to save. 

   Another smart way of protecting the fruits of your hard work is saving what you earn. So, before spending or thinking about how you are going to spend your money, know how much you can save. Make it a point to set aside a certain amount of what you earn weekly or monthly. Avoid withdrawing from your savings account when “an emergency” comes. Be tough on yourself and only use that money when real emergencies come and you genuinely don’t have another option. 

  1. Have a budget and stick to it.

   You will only effectively guard and enjoy the fruits of your labor by having a budget and sticking to it. So, avoid purchasing everything that catches your eye or spending money just because you can afford to. Remember how hard you worked to be where you are and keep an eye on your spending habits. Avoid impulse buying by tracking your finances and having a monthly budget. A budget will keep you on track and ensure you don’t overspend or throw money down the drain.

Check back later this week for the last few steps in guarding the fruits of your labor!

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