Be Tough, Guard The Fruits Of Your Hard Labor pt 2

By Roz Jones

Last week, I shared some tips for protecting your finances, the fruits of your hard work. Here are some more ideas to build on those! Check out part one here.

Make wise financial decisions.

“I just can’t miss that deal” or “This is something I have to try because so and so is doing it” are some of the things you need to avoid to guard your money and make it go further. So, learn to make wise money decisions. Understand how money works and invest in making it work for you. Don’t make your decisions based on what a close friend, neighbor, or co-worker is doing. Know what you want to do with your profits. Make smart choices and say NO to what doesn’t suit your financial goals.

Don’t compromise where you mustn’t. 

One of the most difficult things to do is to turn down a friend or loved one who needs your financial assistance. However, it is something you have to do if what they are asking takes you off-budget or if it is something you can’t afford. 

So, if a friend comes to you and says “I have a brilliant business idea. Can you invest in it?” “There is a 30% discount on that car that I’ve always wanted. Can you loan me some money?”, say “I’m afraid I can’t help you with that” and don’t feel guilty about it. 

Guarding the fruits of your hard labor means being tough on yourself as well as your loved ones. So, don’t compromise where you mustn’t. A good friend will understand why you can’t do ABC and not judge you for it. 

The way you guard your profits or gains determines how far you go with your finances. So, be careful how you handle the fruits of your hard work. Always plan ahead and know how you are going to spend your money, what you are going to spend it on, and how you are going to save. 

Be tough on yourself. Don’t go off-budget just because you want to keep up with your friends, neighbors, or co-workers. Remember how hard you fought to reach your financial goals and how hard you still need to fight to ensure your profits don’t go to waste.

Protect your earnings by setting goals and ensure they don’t go to waste by opening a savings account, having a budget, making wise money decisions, and saying NO when you should. 

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