Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

By Roz Jones

Mental health is one of the greatest gifts one can get for themselves. Your mind controls just about everything that happens in your life from your beliefs about yourself to how you handle what happens around you. The worst enemy you can ever have is not the person who hates you with passion. It is a weak mind. Opportunities can come your way and enemies can do all in their power to disrupt your life but how all that turns out depends on your mental strength. In other terms, your mind has the final say in almost everything your brain processes. However, this does not mean that you do not experience emotions. Rather, you are aware of how certain things affect you and devise ways to survive them, block them, or even use them to your own advantage.

Below are some things mentally strong people don’t do

They are not controlled by other people – they know their purpose and that living it does not depend on anyone else’s power but their will and goals. As much as they understand the importance of creating and maintaining good relationships with other people, they also understand that no one can or should play the role of a god in their lives. The fact that they know their purpose and have clear goals makes them immune to peer pressure. They may err and may need advice, but oftentimes, they think through everything they want to do and they have the final say in decisions made concerning their lives. Some people may think they are stubborn, but mentally strong people have their mindset on reaching goals. They prefer to stand out rather than fit in.

They are not controlled by circumstances – mentally strong people do not change their lives based on their situations. They remain focused on their goals and handle situations to work for them or, they give way to situations and overtake them. The point is, whatever happens, a mentally strong person does not change who he or she is. 

They do not give up easily – determination defines them. They give their best in everything they do. Where they fail, they take lessons and try again until it works. Of course, this requires them to be realistic and calculative enough to know whether their plan is still as good as they perceived in the beginning. Plans fail for different reasons including that circumstances changed after strategies were formulated or that there were some loopholes.

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