Do You Have a Family Emergency Plan? part 2

By Roz Jones

Continued from part one here!

Step 3 – Declare A Safe Meeting Spot Should You Be Required To Leave

Some natural disasters and man-made emergencies will require you to evacuate. It’s a good idea to come up with safe meeting spots well ahead of time. Meeting up with a relative who lives further inland for example is a good plan when a hurricane is approaching. 

Decide on a meeting spot and make sure each family member, including your children, knows where to meet up. You never know when disaster will strike and who may be where. If your kids are staying over at a friend’s house or are at school, you want to make sure they know where to meet up with you if there is no way of getting them before you leave. 

Step 4 – Keep Emergency Contact Info On You At All Times 

Speaking of getting separated in an emergency, you never know what may happen, so it’s a good idea to keep contact info on you at all times. This should include any and all cell phone numbers of immediate family, along with landline numbers for friends or relatives who live further away and who may be able to act as intermediaries. 

It’s also a good idea to exchange email addresses. Make sure you use web based emails that can be accessed from anywhere. During the hours after 9/11 it was almost impossible to make a phone call. Email became a way to communicate with phone lines overloaded. Text messaging may be another option when calls don’t go through. 

Step 5 – Food, Water, And Medical Provisions 

Last but not least it’s good to have some emergency rations on hand. Keep enough clean water, food and any medication you may need around to last for a few days. By then emergency personnel should hopefully have gotten to you. Again, the types of supplies and how long you should provision for will vary from family to family and emergency to emergency. Do what you can to be prepared. 

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