Goals in the New Year

By Roz Jones

The New Year is a great time to take a step back and think about what we want from the upcoming year. But in order to accomplish any of those big ideas, we have to make them into goals.

Whether you have the usual goals of eating better, starting an exercise routine, or staying off social media, or more personalized around your career, family, or personal hobbies, structured goal setting can be a great way to break down your wants and dreams into manageable steps.

Here are some resources that can help with that!

The Smart Goals Guide – A break down of how to set goals and how to make them work for you!

Celebrate You! – The New Year is a great time to focus on you! This infographic can serve as inspiration to think about what you want and how to chase those dreams.

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I’ve just launched Shop With Roz, my online store filled with supplies and gifts for every caregiver. You can find a wide variety of products in the store to help yourself and your loved one. Check it out here!

After you have a look through the store, see any products you use and love as a caregiver, and think we should share them with everyone? Let me know!

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It’s here, I am so excited to share a new caregiver app called CircleOf….This app will allow you to surround yourself with resources and experts from your community including ME!!!! As you are looking through the app, you will see my familiar face. I’m excited about this partnership and new ways to support you as you support your loved one. Here’s the link so you can explore the app. I would love your feedback and spread the word by sharing the link to family and friends.

Interested in making your own contribution to the Caregiver Cafe? There are guest blog spots open for December. Email assistrozjones@gmail.com for more info!

Visit http://www.rozjonesent.com for more information on addressing mental health as a caregiver and check out my upcoming book!

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