Be A Blessing To Others

When life changes impact someone’s life, show them their light in the midst of change.

One of the most difficult aspects of having a chronic illness can be a feeling that you no longer have anything to contribute. Maybe you once provided for your family through a job, but you can no longer do that job. Perhaps you kept the household running, and now you can barely get out of bed.

It’s hard to face the loss of abilities and skills as you get sick. But there are still ways that you can contribute and bless those you love. They can be small like an encouraging word, a pat on the shoulder, or even a simple note tucked in a lunchbox.

You still have value and you still have plenty to offer others. Each day you wake up, aim to bless one person. It’s a simple goal and it’s a wonderful way to feel like you’re making a difference.

As a caregiver to someone with a chronic illness makes sure to highlight the things that they are still able to do. This will not only bless them, but bless others. We value ourselves from the aspect of who we were, but know you are still beautifully and wonderfully made now with the changes in your body. You still have value, and you are still a wonderful light to this world!

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