Two Weeks of Decluttering: Leverage Down Time

By Roz Jones

Over the next two weeks, let’s take a look at the many ways to bring a little simplicity to our lives amidst the chaos of the holidays!

There are times in your life that become downtime through no planning or thought of your own. For example, driving from place to place, waiting in line, waiting for the microwave, sitting at the doctor’s office, and so forth. You’re just standing there or sitting there doing nothing. However, you can make these times productive, if you plan ahead.


If you’re simply riding in a vehicle, rather than driving, you can probably get a lot of work done. For instance, use the time to delete emails that you no longer need. If you are driving, you can use the time to learn something new with audiobooks and podcasts.

Waiting in Line 

When you’re in a long line for something, you can take that time to go over your to-do list to better organize it and determine exactly what you’re going to do when you’re done with this line. You can also answer email, pay bills, and other things if you use your smartphone for these things.

Waiting on Food

Even if you’re home, waiting on your microwave to heat up the leftovers, you can things done during those 2 minutes. Wipe off counter tops or declutter the table. Stretch or run in place for two minutes – do anything from your list that you can accomplish in the available time frame.

Doctor’s Waiting Room 

Some doctors’ offices do a better job of scheduling appointments than others. Depending on how much the office overbooks, you may have a very long wait. Take a hobby project with you such as crocheting or work that you need to complete within the next 5 days. You can answer email, text your mom, or use the time to find affiliate products your readers need and write (or draft) an email to send to them. Just don’t get so caught up in your hobby or work that you don’t hear the nurse call your name when it’s your turn to see the doctor.

Sitting Waiting on Carpool

When you’re sitting waiting on carpool, you need to pay attention to what is around you, but you can still get something done. If you’re parked, you can use that time to make phone calls to set up any appointments, make any reservations, and set up things for any of your to-do list items.

Doing things during this downtime is a great way to use those extra minutes that you’re not even aware of most of the time. That way when you’re doing with your day, you can sit back, watch TV if you want to, and not worry about anything being left undone. 

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