2 Weeks of Decluttering: Create Habits to Get Things Done

By Roz Jones

How many times have you woken up with incredible willpower and motivation to get things done but quickly hit a wall that stops you in your tracks? This is something that happens to everyone, but there is an easy fix. Create habits to get more done so that you never have to rely on willpower.

You already have good habits built into your day. For example, you get up, bathe, brush your teeth, get dressed, etc. You also have set routines scheduled for getting ready for work. All of the little tasks that you do, with little thought, are your habits. You may not realize it. However, these small habits kick in automatically to help you get 60 to 70% of things done during the day.

Start with The Clock

The first thing you need to do to create a habit is to use your clock as your guide. If you know that an activity takes you 2 hours, you’ll need to schedule the thing you want to remember to do with enough time to do it. At first, you’re just going to go do the thing when the alarm tells you to. 

Link Habits Together

If you already have a habit that you can alter a bit to make it healthier for you, that is also a good way to make a habit. For example, if you always like to eat snacks while watching TV, you have a habit. Likely, the moment you sit down to watch TV your brain says you’re hungry, so you must get the snack. You can now simply choose a healthy snack such as a couple sliced apples instead of a bag of gummies. 

Create One Habit At A Time

Don’t try to create a bunch of new habits at once. Take your time. Try to create one new good habit that keeps your life uncluttered no more than monthly. You may want to give it a couple months for each new habit to be ingrained. 

When you create habits, it’s so much better than needing to rely on willpower. When you build a habit, it will carry you through lots of things even when you don’t feel like it. You won’t even realize you’re still doing all those things that you turned into habits.

Take a look here at my last post about other helpful ways to declutter by leveraging your downtime.

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