Two Weeks of Decluttering: Outsourcing

By Roz Jones

Even though you’re a caregiver, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Nor should you even attempt it. Once you come to understand how and why this is true, you can become so much more productive. Everyone is given the same 24 hours in a day. However, only you can decide which tasks are the most important for you to do personally.

Other qualified people can take care of the remaining tasks for you, whether they are related to work needs, home needs, or your personal needs. Here are a few ideas many people need or prefer to outsource to someone else.

Deep Cleaning – You can hire someone a few times each year to deep clean your home. They could clean the floors, baseboards, and windows, etc. Doing this seasonally helps you to focus better because you don’t have to fight the clutter to get things done. You can usually get this done for a few hundred dollars a year, depending on your needs.  

Organizing – Some people will come into your Kitchen, for example, and arrange it properly for you. Your job after it’s done is to keep it organized. Since they are professionals, they likely know the best way that will make it easy for you to keep up.

Yard Work – A lot of families do outsource yard work. You can probably find people right in your own neighborhood that want to earn extra money doing yard work regularly. You can also hire a professional company depending on the results you are expecting and your budget.

Laundry – There are still laundromats and laundry services out there. Most dry cleaners will also do clothing washing, but laundromats are usually a less expensive alternative. They usually charge by the pound. You can even hire someone to come to your home to do your laundry.

Shopping – You can outsource most shopping tasks including grocery shopping. Depending on how organized you are, you may not need to make a list for your shopper. Your shopper will go through the store, selecting the items you requested and bring them to you. Get Alexa to help you make your list, if possible. You can save hours each week by outsourcing shopping and running errands.

Tutoring & Homework Help – Even though this seems like a good time to experience quality time with your kid, it’s not. You can get more done by letting someone else do this so that you can spend that free hour or two doing something fun with your kid instead. 

What is something around your home that you would outsource if you could afford it? Once you identify that, start finding ways to be able to pay for it within six months. You’ll be so happy when you outsource the things that don’t require your personal attention, fully.

Here’s the link for my previous posts about decluttering: Create Habits to Get Things Done and Leverage Down Time

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