How to Talk to Your Kids About Tough Topics

By Roz Jones

You might find it uncomfortable talking about some subjects with your kids. It might be because of your own background, your cultural or religious values. As a caregiver, one challenge may be even finding the time to sit down to have the conversation. Even though it’s difficult, it’s important to talk about the tough topics that affect our kids. It’s a good idea to identify the topics that might confuse, scare, or overwhelm your child.

Here are some tips for addressing the sticky topics with your kids:

  • If something sad happens within your family, like an illness, a death, or a divorce, try to be the one to talk to them about it first. Set aside time with your child where you can both be comfortable, and choose a safe environment where you can talk to them about it.
  • Keep your answers simple and appropriate for their age. Children under six aren’t necessarily going to understand or be patient while you give them a long, drawn out explanation.
  • Be honest and talk as truthfully as you can about the topic.
  • Come back to the topic. It will take time for your child to understand. Let them know they are welcome to come back and ask you questions about the topic at any time.
  • If the topic is one that is bothering them, be open and ask open-ended questions to help them describe how they feel or what they think.
  • Listen to your child. Make eye contact and get as close to their level as you can. 
  • Above all, remain calm even if the topic is sad or difficult for you personally. It’s also okay to have feelings and let your child know how you feel.

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