How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis – Part 3

By Roz Jones

Welcome back to our three-part article on how to avoid analysis paralysis for women! Today, we’re covering a more fun part of the topic: Spontaneous decisions.

But first…catch up on part 1 here and part 2 here.

Are Spontaneous Decisions Always Bad?

Some people spend too much time trying to find as much information as they can, and they miss opportunities because of it. Information is a key component in decision making. However, sometimes you simply have to decide and live with the decision you made without any information.

You don’t want others to view you as someone who makes rash decisions. You’ll lose credibility when you do this and people won’t take you seriously. However, you must prepare yourself for certain times in your life when being decisive is necessary. For instance, you may be helping a loved one consider next steps for physical therapy, and realize their first choice for PT offices is already booked up. You are given other choices but are unsure of how that will fit into your family’s overall plan. Do you enroll in those alternative programs, or wait for their first choice?

Your loved one may decide to go for the PT most readily available. If it’s a similar program at a similar price, this may end up working right into your plan. Talk to your GP and ask how to proceed after taking this new path. Of course, you could always reroute and seek treatment elsewhere if this new office isn’t a fit.

The point is that if a decision doesn’t work out, the “wrong” results can usually be fixed. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge. The shoe company Nike has a slogan that has worked for them for several decades now. That slogan is ‘Just Do It!

A structured living doesn’t fit well with some people. They need the excitement that comes with making spontaneous decisions. Who is to say that their way is wrong? It may not work for others, but for them, it works quite well. You may know people who are like this and are envious of them.

That isn’t the same scenario as people who don’t do much with their lives. Spontaneous decision makers are often doing many activities. You can decide to do nothing, but doing nothing won’t get you very far. Unless you are lucky enough to come from money and your parents are willing to give you that money, you will need to find something to do.

Most people will find a balance of decisions they make based on information and spontaneous decisions. The process of decision making becomes easier the more you do it. So go out and practice! Make confident decisions – I’m rooting for you!

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