How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis

By Roz Jones

Data bombards you. We have more data than we ever did due to the Internet. It’s great to slice the data every which way you can think of and create nice-looking reports that impress your colleagues and friends. 

However, when it comes to decision making, you have to get to the point of making the decision. You’ll need to stop your data gathering and analysis and use what information you have  to decide.

For many women, particularly women in a caregiving role, it may be difficult to make a decision because of overwhelm. With so much to do on a daily basis, how can we get all the information we could possibly need? 

Some people will spend hours sifting through data, and none of them will get them any further in coming to a decision. They believe they need to see ten year’s worth of data instead of five. 

Data is an important component in the decision-making process. It can let you know who your customers are, how much you can afford to put down on a house, or possible locations for your wedding. Information is also important to make confident decisions. Without the information, you could be shooting in the dark, and that is as bad as having too much information (probably wors). 

To help you overcome the situation known as “analysis paralysis”, speak to your boss, family, or the people who are going to be impacted by the data and your decisions. 

Don’t be a hero when it comes to analysis. You may be tempted to show off your research skills with more data than you really needed. But, if it isn’t within the scope of your decision, save it for future analysis. 

In a few days, we’ll talk about one specific way you can deal with too much information, not enough decision making. Make sure you check back in!

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