Why Regular Exercise Is Such an Important Aspect of Personal Development

By Roz Jones

If you are on a quest to try and improve yourself, then you certainly cannot ignore one of
the chief aspects of personal development—exercise. You must have already heard the
adage A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body. If you want to be really fit and become a
successful person, your body has to be just as fit as your mind is. Undermining any of
these aspects takes you away from developing your body fruitfully.
There are several benefits of regular exercise that are specific to personal development,
as you shall see…

  1. When your body is fitter, you look more attractive. A lot of people still equate
    a good personality with an attractive body. Hence, you are pandering to one of the basest
    definitions of personal development. And, who’s complaining actually? Who doesn’t
    want to have an attractive body anyway?
  2. A healthier body means that you have more energy to accomplish things. You are
    able to work faster and produce better results. You can go ahead of your competitors.
    This you won’t be able to do if you lack stamina and get breathless on your way to the
    top. A modicum of exercise is needed to keep you moving on.
  3. Another very important benefit of regular exercise is that it keeps diseases away if
    not completely avoids them. You don’t need to call in sick as much as a person who
    doesn’t exercise would. You are healthier not only in body but also in mind, and that’s
    the reason why you can think better. Your plans and suggestions have a better chance of
    being accepted because you have formulated them in good health, something that your
    exercise-shirking rivals have not done.
  4. Exercise helps free up your mind. If you haven’t exercised already, try it now.
    Exercise early in the mornings, which is the best time. Even if you just work out on the
    treadmill for 15 minutes in the morning, you will feel rejuvenated. You will feel as
    though you can just run out and grab what you want to achieve. Also, it gives you time to
    think, to plan out things, which is very important. While the blood is pumping in the
    body, it is pumping in the brain as well. It is filling up those little gray cells and ideas are
    These are just four of the many benefits that regular exercise has. Invest your time
    wisely in exercise—if you are looking for personal development, you cannot afford to
    downplay its importance in your life.


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