5 Technology Strategies for Caregivers to Protect Their Finances

By Roz Jones

As a caregiver, it is crucial to be vigilant about any activity that occurs on your financial accounts. The use of technology can be a helpful component of your plan to keep your money safe. Here are some strategies you can employ to leverage technology to safeguard your accounts:

  1. Change your personal account passwords: If someone knows your passwords, it’s vital that you change them right away.
  1. Monitor accounts with online tools: Many banks and financial services offer apps and online tools that can help you keep an eye on your accounts. These tools can send you automatic alerts about deposits, withdrawals, and other actions. They can also provide a record of any transactions that go against your contract or client agreement, which can be useful if you need to inform your employer, lawyer, or judge. Moreover, these tools can help you manage your own personal finances by monitoring direct deposits, automatic withdrawals, and your balance.
  1. Monitor social media activity: Lawyers and judges often use social media activity to make decisions about financial matters. Therefore, be cautious about what you post on social media, especially posts related to money, your job, your clients, or any other personal information. Remember that once you post something, it can always be copied and saved, so deleting it may not be enough to protect you.
  1. Figure out how to handle joint accounts: Joint accounts are sometimes necessary for regular caregiving expenses, such as housekeeping and home care. Make sure to agree with your client/Loved One on how to handle the joint account and how to use it during the duration of the contract/client agreement. For instance, if your client needs immediate payment for medical care, you can use the joint account to have immediate access to funds. Both of you may need online access to the account, so make use of the technology that your bank offers to monitor it closely.
  1. Be aware of tracking software and tools available: In some cases, it may be necessary to use tracking software and tools if you are using joint accounts. These tools can enable you and/or your client/Loved One to see and monitor financial activities, including those that occur online or on your phone. However, before you opt for this option, consult your employer, or lawyer, or check the local laws first. Also, make sure to keep track of all the software and programs you find on your devices.

Caring for someone or being cared for can be a challenging time for both parties. It’s essential to be proactive about protecting finances while providing care. By following these tips and leveraging technology, you can feel more secure about your finances. Find out how to have secure communication and store data to better protect your finances.

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