How Caregivers Can Make The Most of National Grandparent’s Day

By Roz Jones

September 11th is National Grandparent’s Day, a time to celebrate the special bond between grandparents and their grandchildren. While the day is mostly about showing your appreciation for the older generation, it can also be a great opportunity for Caregivers to spend time with and gain some advice and wisdom from their elders. Here are five tips on how to make the most of this special day.

  1. Thank your grandparents for all they’ve done for you: Believe it or not, grandparents are indispensable. Whether they are looking after young children in the family or cooking a meal for Sunday dinner, grandparents seem to always show up when needed. Express your gratitude for them by simply saying “thank you”. Spend family time with them because at that age nothing brings them more joy than their offspring.
  2. Spend time with them, whether that means going out to eat or visiting them at home: Include your grandparents in your plans for the day on September 11th. Whether you are looking to go out to eat for the day or looking to cook dinner for the evening, extend an invitation, you may just make their day!
  3. Show them how much you appreciate them with a small gift or thoughtful gesture: Sometimes simply saying thank you isn’t adequate enough. Check out this article to find out 10 ways you can show gratitude when “Thank You” is inadequate.
  4. Tell stories about your childhood and the things you loved doing together: Reminiscing on the good times is always a great time to spend time with your loved one and can end up putting a smile on their face. Take a stroll down memory lane to make your grandparent laugh or smile.
  5. If your grandparents live far away, Facetime or Skype with them so they can be a part of the day: If your grandparents live far away, don’t worry, with the age of technology there is always a way to include your grandparents on their special day.

Whether you’re spending time with your grandparents today or not, make sure to take the time to appreciate them. They’ve likely had a lot of life experiences that they can share with you if you’re willing to listen. And who knows? You may learn something new that changes the course of your life.

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