The Four Ds of Time Management

By Roz Jones

The 4 D’s of Time Management made popular by several time management experts like Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, Less Hewitt, and others offer a simple way to think about the tasks you need to do and organize them accordingly. 

Assess each task that you think you need to accomplish and then give it one of four destinations so that you know how best to deal with it. 


You don’t need to check your email continually to be successful. There are so many things that you don’t even need to do that you probably do because it makes you feel like you’re busy. The way to determine whether you should do something or not is to determine what the impact of not doing it is versus doing it. 


Some things that you don’t want to do still need to be completed. If someone can do it better than you, often less expensively timewise than you can, see if you can find someone else to do it. That might mean delegating the task to your spouse, kids, or to someone that you pay. You can also pay your spouse and kids, if it’s work-related or worth it to you to transfer some money to them to avoid that task.


Not every task has to be done now. It’s best to put your tasks into chronological order, as well as batch them to save time, and again look at the impact the task has on your life. If it can be deferred without impact, go ahead and do that so that you can focus on the things that are impactful now.


Now your task list should be much more manageable. When you prioritize tasks and do the ones that are most impactful each day first, you’ll start discovering that you have a lot more time than you thought, plus the things you choose to spend valuable time on are actually productive and not just busywork. 

This is a simple method to use to get control of your day and become more productive. Remember, being productive is about doing things that impact your goals by moving you forward so that you’ll be successful, realizing all your objectives. 

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